Marshall’s Pressure Cleaning, Inc. has been providing first-class power washing services in Palm Beach County and Wellington, Florida area since 1991.

Our services comprise of chemical roof cleaning, soft wash roof cleaning, pressure cleaning of driveway, pool deck, exterior walls, walkways, and patios. Our paver brick & ceiling cleaning and travertine & ceiling cleaning brighten a space.

Our expertise allows us to apply the appropriate pressure for the type of surface to clean different types without damaging them. Our highly experienced pressure washers use only the latest and most proven techniques to power wash soft surfaces like vinyl or wood.

We always delivers exceptional results. We can restore your property to its previous glory by removing the accumulated grime or mold covering the underlying beauty.

Your structure will no longer look dull and dingy, as your tile and grout floors will be shining and your bricks will look brand new.

We will never fail to amaze you with outstanding results as we remove dirt, grime and grease from wooden decks.

At Marshall’s Pressure Cleaning Inc we use the latest and proven methods of pressure washing.

The latest tri-chemical system we utilize allows for a much efficient and gentle cleaning solution ensuring a great resul the first time so it does not have to be repeated which reduces the cost of servicing and risk to your property.

We use high-quality chemicals, such as Surface Logix, that easily remove algae from stone surfaces while our mildew inhibitor keeps protecting the surface clean for longer.

Marshall’s Pressure Cleaning Inc. power pressure service are a benefit to business owners as well.

Regular cleaning of high traffic areas such as walkways and parking lots keep them free from gas, oil and other stains.

Such cleaning will present the business better to customers and reduce safety issues. That is good for customers and good for business.

Pressure washing is not the job for the inexperienced. Let the experts get the job done right. Call us today!

We use Surface Logix Products

Surface Logix Same Day Sealer

Same Day Sealer is our contractor grade solution using the newest technology in waterborne protection for brick paver. Same Day Sealer is low VOC with the “wet look” of our original paver sealer Cobble Coat. SDS also helps to inhibit weed growth and ant hills. SDS is very tolerant to moisture, so in most cases cleaning and sealing can be done in the same day.

Surface Logix Cobble Coat

Cobble Coat is a water clear, solvent-based sealer designed to protect and beautify concrete brick pavers, natural stone, concrete surfaces, and Texture Deck. Providing an enhanced, wet look appearance and semi-gloss finish, Cobble Coat is made from 100% acrylic resins and is higher in solids than most conventional concrete sealers. Cobble Coat provides water and UV light resistance with unusually good adhesion to a variety of substrates.